To provide a healthier environment the benefits of organic food go deeper into the health and lifestyle. Organic gardening is gardening without using any chemically created fertilizers, weed killers, or pesticides. The use of chemicals, especially pesticides, in gardening has always been associated with ozone depletion and the increase of certain cancer rates. The undeniable benefit of organic gardening is that it protects the fertile soils from exhaustion.

Besides, it does not presuppose the use of chemical pesticides and other chemicals, which are extremely harmful for the environment. The result is a naturally nourishing soil achieved without exposing the gardener to chemical poisoning and a safer, cleaner environment. For this reason alone organic growing or organic gardening can help to support the environment as well as prevent serious health risks.

Another advantage of eating organic vegetables is you do not need to spend so much on them because you can always grow them in your garden. Organic vegetables taste much better than those that have been heavily treated with chemicals.

There are some people who do take the time to check the ingredients on their products before buying them but most of us don t. In fact, many of us only look for the cheapest products available. After buying based on price we are then exposing ourselves to potentially harmful chemicals by using them on food we plan to later eat. Yes most vegetables are washed before being eaten but how thoroughly and how will washing help when the food has been grown using fertilizer loaded with unknown chemicals.

There are many more insecticides and pesticides used on vegetables that have very harmful side effects. In addition to chemically saturated pesticides most vegetables are also grown using fertilizers that are filled with chemicals and the vegetable plants are also treated with weed killers that expose vegetables to even more chemicals. By organic growing you are placing yourself in complete control of what is going into the food that you are eating and completely avoiding any chance of being poisoned by pesticides.

When vegetables are grown organically you do not have to wonder about what sort of chemicals your vegetables have been exposed to since you know that you have used no store bought, manmade, chemicals in your garden. Organic gardening is challenging but it pays off when you are able to reap what you sow, which means additional savings and maybe even a small business if you want to sell whatever excess you have in the market.