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A derivative of Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga connects breath and asana to create an internal heat. Fluid transitions allow poses to flow from one to another developing strength, stamina and flexibility while also calming the mind.

POWER FLOW: An intermediate/advanced Yoga practice with faster flow and movement; advanced poses are introduced with appropriate modifications.

ALL LEVEL: An open to all, new student through advanced flow and movement class. You will get alignment cues and plenty of options in this classes.

BASIC FLOW: A beginner/intermediate Vinyasa class – some demonstration included; this class focuses on alignment and technique.

SLOW FLOW: an intermediate alignment based class, slow vinyasa flow & movement.

GENTLEL: an all levels class, beginners/intermediate students who need extra variation in their practice options. Class will provide many options, slower movements, lots of support and stretch.

DONATION CLASSES: Pay-What-You-Can Donation classes are offered Mon-Fri at both of our locations. Class is held at 8:25am on York Ave and 12pm at our Hot Studio.


Vinyasa Yoga connects breath and asana. Poses to flow from one to another developing strength, stamina and flexibility while also calming the mind. All classes are designed to be practiced in a heated room (105˚F).

All Classes follow the Vinyasa Yoga Levels above.


Restorative Yoga is the dessert on our menu of classes. It allows the practitioner to indulge in an array of relaxation postures to achieve a calm and focused mind. Students utilize several props (bolsters, mats, blankets, etc.) to reach a deep relaxation Restorative Yoga serves as a wonderful supplement to a beginner and an advanced yoga practice.; Initially, new students may find it difficult to focus on stillness for long durations of time; however, with practice, students will notice increased calmness and patience in their daily routines.


This 60-minute meditation class starts with some gentle asana to release tension physically, pranayama (breathing techniques) to calm your nervous system, and then explores simply being mindful and finding stillness with some guided and silent meditation. No prior experience necessary to attend- just an open mind!

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